Breakfast Packages

Baked Frittata                                    $10.95/ person

Italian sausage, bacon and cheddar, or Vegetarian. Includes fresh fruit platter and mini bagels.


Baked French Toast                              $70/ serves 10

Mixed sweet breads baked in a vanilla custard with choice of Banana Foster or Blueberry sauce. Choice of bacon or sausage links and a fresh fruit tray


Farmhouse                                        $12.95/ per person

Scrambled organic eggs, bacon or sausage, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit platter. Served with mini bagels and mini muffins


Healthy Choice                                  $11.95/ per person

Scrambled organic eggs, bell peppers, onions, baby spinach, goat cheese and herbs. Served with fresh fruit platter, mini bagels, and mini muffins


Executive Basket                                 $8.95/ per person

An assortment of mini bagels, mini muffins and fresh fruit platter. Served with cream cheese, butter, and jelly


Continental Basket                               $4.95/ per person

An assortment of mini bagels and mini muffins, served with cream cheese, butter and jelly

Coffee, Juice & Soda

Iced Tea serves 10                                             $18


Freshly Brewed La Colombe Coffee

Light roast, Dark roast & Decaf

Airpot serves 10                                                $18

Urn serves 25                                                   $36


Mighty Leaf Hot Tea

Airpot serves 10                                                $18

Urn serves 25                                                   $36


Tropicana Orange Juice                                     $2./ea

Bottled Water                                                  $1.69/ea

Can of Soda                                                   $1.49/ea

Breakfast Add-on's

Almond Milk Overnight Oats                              $5

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfaits                                   $5

Fruit Cups                                                        $4

Whole Fruit                                                      $1/ea

Tropicana Juices                                                $2

Hard-Boiled Egg                                               $1/ea

Slice of Bacon                                                  $1/ea

Sausage patty                                                  $1/ea

Sandwich Basket's


$13.95 per person.  (6 person minimum)

A selection of sandwiches or Wraps cut in half. Includes chips, a house salad & an assortment of cookies



Ham & Cheddar Sandwich – Black Forest ham, lettuce, roma tomato, cheddar cheese, and dijonaise served on multigrain bread.


Roast Beef Sandwich - Shaved Roast Beef, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, roma tomato, red onion, and mayo served on a Kaiser roll.


Deli Turkey Sandwich - Shaved turkey breast, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, roma tomato, crisp lettuce, and red onion served on multigrain bread.


Caprese Sandwich - Tomato, fresh mozzarella, pesto on a ciabatta roll.


Tuna Salad -Albacore tuna, diced red onion, capers, lemon aioli, sliced tomato and crisp romaine lettuce, on multi-grain bread


Plain Jane - *Grilled & chilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomato, brioche.


Herb Chicken Salad – 9-grain bread, house-made herb chicken salad, leaf lettuce


Caesar      SM-$35             Med-$45               Lrg-$55

Salad      (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Romaine lettuce, Parmesan, herb crouton, Caesar dressing


Simple       SM-$35           Med-$45           Lrg-$55

Salad      (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Mixed Greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radish, red wine vinaigrette


Karl’s         SM-$55             Med-$75               Lrg-$85

Salad      (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Romaine, carrot, celery, Buffalo chicken tenders, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing


Grains &    SM-$45             Med-$65               Lrg-$75

Greens    (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Field greens, toasted barley, grape tomatoes, avocado, red wine vinaigrette


Southwest  SM-$45             Med-$65               Lrg-$75

Salad     (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Romaine, black beans, grilled corn, tomatoes, bell peppers, pepper jack, crispy tortilla strips, cumin vinaigrette


Greek       SM-$45             Med-$65               Lrg-$75

Island     (Serves 6-8)       (Serves 10-15)       (Serves 16-20)

Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta, kalamatas olives, lemon-oregano vinaigrette


Add Chicken $3/person or Smoked salmon $6/person to any salad (3 oz portion)



$12.00 per person. Minimum 6 orders. Includes chips, pasta salad and a dessert per person.



Ham & Cheddar Sandwich

Roast Beef Sandwich

Deli Turkey Sandwich

Caprese Sandwich

Tuna Salad Wrap

Plain Jane Chicken Sandwich

Herb Chicken Salad

Afternoon Snacks

Sweet-N-Salty – (serves 10)                                   $60

Baked chips, pretzels, assorted dried fruit, chocolate pistoles, and nuts


On The Healthy Side – (serves 10)                          $75

Fresh vegetables, citrus ranch, hummus, pita chips, and roasted spice nuts


Antipasto Platter – (serves 10)                                 $90

Chef’s choice of assorted meats, cheeses, and vegetables


Domestic Cheese Platter – (serves 10)                      $70

Assorted cheeses & crackers


Vegetable Crudite – (serves 10)                              $80

Seasonal veggies served with Citrus ranch


Fruit-N-Nuts – (serves 10)                                       $70

Seasonal fruit, domestic cheese, and roasted spiced nuts


Fruit Tray – Small (serves 10)                                   $35

               Large (serves 20)                                   $70    

Fresh seasonal fruit sliced and artfully displayed on a tray.